JBL Pronovo Fantail Grano

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JBL Pronovo Fantail Grano

JBL Pronovo Fantail Grano –

Granulated staple food for veiltails and other goldfish breeds from 3-10 cm

No processing of cheap fish meal, uses fish meat from fish fillet production with the motto: The large fillet for humans and the small fillet for our aquarium fish.

For years JBL has supported the largest international organisation for the protection of sharks “Shark Project”. Animal welfare is important to us!

  • Prebiotic & sinking food for goldfish breeds: dedicated dietary fibers in the food supply the beneficial intestinal bacteria with food for a healthy digestion
  • Natural raw ingredients without artificial additives for a natural diet and healthy veiltails.
  • Very high acceptance amongst goldfish breeds thanks to high-quality raw ingredients such as salmon, shrimps, spirulina and spinach
  • With the very high-quality natural astaxanthin from krill and spirulina, which ensures perfect colour formation in goldfish breeds

Package contents: original sealed, air- and light-tight, recyclable tin with click dosing lid as feeding aid

Sizes Available:

  • 58g (100ml)
  • 145g (250ml)

Other good reasons to use JBL fish food:

  • The use of pure fish protein without cheap fish meal
  • Optimal protein/fat ratio
  • Mainly proteins from water animals
  • Reduces algae growth and helps fish growth. This thanks to adapted phosphate content
  • Impressive acceptance on the part of fish. Research expeditions with fish feeding trials in the wild

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58g (100ml) MPN: 3132618

145g (250ml) MPN: 3132818

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58g (100ml), 145g (250ml)