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King British Holiday Food Block


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King British Holiday Food Block

King British Holiday Food Block –

Suitable for all coldwater & tropical fish.

It is a calcium matrix that slowly dissolves to release fish food into the water, thus keeping your fish fed for up to 14 days.

Saves worrying about your fish being hungry whilst you are away on holiday.

Sufficient for 10-15 small fish or up to 6 medium size fish.

Key Features:

  • Complete pet food for all coldwater & tropical fish
  • Does not cloud the water

Contents/Weight: 1 Block (16 g).

Fish can survive for relatively long periods of time on very little food, as they have to do in the wild from time to time.

King British Weekend Feeders are the ideal way to provide as much nutrition as they require whilst you are away from home.

Manufactured from the highest quality ingredients, the special formulation includes all the necessary protein, minerals and trace elements to keep your fish healthy, active and colourful.

How to use: Simply place the block into the aquarium and leave it.

The block will then slowly release small particles of food when disturbed by the fish looking for food.

If any of the food block is uneaten on your return, carefully remove the remains and discard.

Feeding Guide: Sufficient for 10-15 small fish or up to 6 medium size fish for 14 days.

For less fish simply break the block into an appropriate size.

Discard any powder produced after cutting.

Handy holiday hints: To keep your aquarium in peak condition, add a dose of King British Filter Aid+ to your aquarium water before going on holiday.

Immediately on your return to then neutralise the waste products produced by your fish.

When you return from your holiday we advise you to carry out a partial water change (approx 10%) to freshen up your aquarium.

Also use King British De-chlorinator to neutralise the tap water.

Composition: Calcium Sulphate, Shrimp.

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