King British Plecostomus Tablet Food 60g

King British Plecostomus Tablet Food –

A complete diet for all bottom feeding vegetarian Catfish.

Highly digestible, low waste formula means that less is excreted into the water as waste. This will also help to maintain water quality in the aquarium.

King British Plecostomus Tablet Food is a concentrated plant & vegetable tablet. Minerals, vitamins and trace elements, also included to ensure the right level of nutrition.

This means that your bottom dwelling Pleco’s and other algae eaters will also have a natural, wholesome diet.

Seaweed extract, also included to boost the immune system of the fish and lower the risk of disease and infection

  • Highly digestible/low waste formula
  • For clean clear water
  • With all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • With natural seaweed extract to also help keep fish healthy and active
  • Made from the highest quality natural ingredients

Size – 60g

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Plecostomus Food Tablets 60g – MPN : 17848