Komodo Reptile Drinking Fountain & Humidifier

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Komodo Reptile Drinking Fountain & Humidifier

Komodo Reptile Drinking Fountain & Humidifier –

Provides a continuous drinking station for chameleons, geckos and other animals which do not recognise unmoving sources of water.

The constant flow raises humidity levels as well as providing a soothing natural soundscape.

Key Features:

  • Flowing water encourages drinking
  • Increases an overall habitat humidity
  • Provides a soothing natural soundscape
  • Replaceable carbon filter to keep water fresh
  • Powerful, dependable pump with adjustable flow
  • Quiet and energy efficient system

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Reptile pet keeping is more popular than ever.

Recent research shows that there are now probably more reptiles pets in the UK than there are dogs, with around 8 million reptiles in over a million households.

As reptile keeping goes mainstream around the world, it is no surprise that more and more pet stores are then catering for this growing industry sector.

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