Komodo Tropical Terrain Substrate 6L

Komodo Tropical Terrain Substrate 6L –

100% Natural Reptile Substrate.

Natural substrates aid in the establishment of the correct environment for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

Creating the correct ecosystem and providing environmental enrichment is vital in promoting natural behaviour and also improving wellbeing.

Size: 6 Litres

All Komodo natural substrates also sourced from 100% renewable resources.

Good for: Fat Tailed Gecko’s, Corn Snake’s, King Snake’s, Fire Bellied Tod’s, Imperial Scorpion’s, Tarantula’s and Millipede’s.

Great for: Crested Gecko’s, Day Gecko’s, Water Dragon’s, Royal Python’s, Poison Arrow Frog, White Tree Frog’s and Hermit Crab’s.

Directions for use: Simply disperse throughout the habitat to the required depth. You can use for a wide variety of animals because you can use it dry, slightly humid or even wet. It is especially useful for humid loving animals.

Use the Komodo Humidity Gauge (sold separately) in conjunction with the Komodo Spray Bottle (sold separately) to measure and increase the moisture levels as required.

Spot clean daily, replacing soiled material with fresh Tropical Terrain. Change all bedding monthly or as required. Humid, warm environments usually require more frequent changes than dry surroundings.

Note: Soiled bedding should always be disposed of in a proper hygienic fashion.

We’re proud of our commitment to improving reptile pet care. We work hard to improve standards and also provide greater benefits at every stage of the pet keeping process. From the development of our product range and our service to retailers to consumer satisfaction and improvements in reptile welfare.

It’s important to us because we care.

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Tropical Terrain 6L – MPN : U46015