Tropical Grey Woodlice Pre-Pack


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Tropical Grey Woodlice Pre-Pack

Tropical Grey Woodlice Pre-Pack –

A tropical species of soft-bodied woodlouse (Trichorina species) that grows to around 5mm long.

You can use these as food for smaller species of reptile and amphibian in forest type set ups.

They eat any type of organic material and in the right bio-active set-up, they will breed prolifically and provide an ongoing food source as well as serving as part of the clean-up gang to consume waste and recycle nutrients.

  • Perfectly suited for bio-active terrariums
  • Form part of a clean up crew
  • Prolific breeders
  • Provides an ongoing food source

If you keep reptiles or amphibians in a bio-active setup, then tropical woodlice are a great and natural way of breaking down waste.

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