Lazy Bones Bendable Parrot Perch

Lazy Bones Bendable Parrot Perch –

A bendable cotton rope perch that you can attach to the cage bars to surely keep your feathery friend happy and entertained for hours.

Size: 73.6 cm / 29″

  • With metal strengthening rod
  • Suitable for parrots and parakeets
  • Bendable, cotton rope

Instructions – Unscrew the plastic end cap and decide the position you require the perch to be in the cage. Slide end of the perch over the bar of the cage then screw the end cap back onto the perch until it’s tight enough.

You can bend the perch into shape as a metal strengthening rod goes through the centre of the perch. If you also wish to attach the other end of the perch to your cage, repeat as above.

Please note: this perch is not indestructable. Please periodically check to see if any parts have been chewed or appear to be dangerous to your bird.

If so, remove chewed parts or the perch immediately.

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