NishiKoi ClearWaters Blanket Weed

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NishiKoi ClearWaters Blanket Weed

NishiKoi ClearWaters Blanket Weed –

100% effective pond treatment with algaecide for complete control of the common garden pond problems of:

  • Blanket weed (string algae), slime algae and nuisance duckweed!

This fast-acting, year-round solution delivers excellent results within two weeks.

Unlike other treatments clears algae and blanket weed in water temperatures as low as 4°C without turning the water milky to help you re-discover the true beauty of your pond!

Completely safe for use in ornamental ponds and does not contain harmful metals such as copper and zinc!

Suitable for use with ultraviolet clarifiers and biological pond filters,

it is also harmless to fish, frogs & all birds and animals who decide to visit your pond for a refreshing drink!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Fast-acting pond treatment to clear blanketweed and algae
  • Safe to use with UVCs and pond filters
  • Stops the return of algae
  • 1 litre

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