Tetra Pond Flakes

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Tetra Pond Flakes

Tetra Pond Flakes –

Complete flake food mix, ideal for all small and young fish in garden ponds. Provides all-round, balanced nutrition.

Flake mixture also consisting of four types of flakes for a varied, balanced and healthy diet.

Key Features:

  • Complete feed for pond fish
  • Ideal for feeding to smaller fish to also promote rapid growth rates
  • Four types of flakes for a varied, balanced and healthy diet
  • Brown flakes with a high protein content support growth and vitality
  • Yellow flakes provide the fish with healthy, vegetable nutrients
  • Red flakes with vitamins and carotenoids prevent deficiencies and enhance colour vibrancy

The red flakes, with their high protein content, promote growth and vitality whilst the yellow flakes contain a high proportion of vitamins and minerals and also prevent deficiency symptoms.

Brown flakes provide the fish with healthy plant nutrients and the white flakes surely promote digestion.

Sizes available in:

  • 100g / 500 ml
  • 1 Litre / 180 g
  • 4 Litres / 800g

Feed at all times of the year above 10°C.

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Dosage: Feed your fish at least two to three times a day but only give them as much as they can eat within a few minutes.

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  • 100g / 500 ml – MPN: 070760
  • 1 Litre / 180 g – MPN: 070763
  • 4 Litres / 800g – MPN: 070767

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