NT Labs Pond Sludgeclear (Sludge Remover)


NT Labs Pond Sludgeclear (Sludge Remover)

NT Labs Pond Sludgeclear (Sludge Remover) –

Sludge Remover digests organic material in sludge leading to a cleaner filter and pond reducing the risk of fish disease.

When to use? – When there is a build-up of sludge on the bottom of the pond, use after addition of algae and blanket weed treatments.

Sludgeclear is a blend of enzymes and bacteria designed to digest organic material. This will lead to a cleaner pond and filter with fewer opportunities for disease – causing organisms to hide.

Sludgeclear supports and encourages the activity of the biological filter bacteria.

How to use?:

  • Shake bottle well.
  • Mix the correct dose in a clean bucket of pond water, then pour evenly around the pond.
  • Use Sludgeclear regularly during the pond season to help keep your filter and pond clean.

Available in the following variations: 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 Litre.

Ever since our launch in 1982, we have been industry leaders in research and development.

We are proud to be a UK-based, multi-award winning manufacturer of effective water treatments, medicines, test kits and foods servicing the koi, pond, tropical and marine markets.

Our company name reflects this commitment to revolutionary thinking, after all the ‘NT’ of NT Labs stands for New Technology.

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