Nymphaea Colonel A J Welch (3 Litres)

Nymphaea Colonel A J Welch (3 Litres) –

Canary-yellow flowers stand above the water. The foliage is very prolific, though the plant is not particularly free-flowering.

Over time, it can grow into water up to 3 metres.

It is classed as Viviparous as it occasionally grows new plants from its leaf stems.

Size: 3 Litres

Water Lilies (Nymphaea) – Water lilies are often considered the most attractive of pond plants.

Lilies make a beautiful addition to any pond. The elegant flowers can be seen from June to September. Ideally 2 thirds of the ponds surface should be covered with lily leaves (or floating plants).

The shade they provide lowers light levels, which in turn reduces algae growth. Lilies do not like water splashing on their leaves. They prefer still water and sunshine to help them flower and flourish.

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