Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brineshrimp 20g

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Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brineshrimp 20g

Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brineshrimp 20g –

Designed to offer your juvenile or small, marine and freshwater fish a nutrition packed diet.

Save yourself the hassle and time of hatching live shrimp with this convenient, cost effective product from Ocean Nutrition and see your fish thrive.

Sterile newborn nauplii are packed in a water solution which keeps them in perfect condition and ready to use.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Does not cloud the water
  • For fresh and marine
  • Contains in excess of 1.5 million Nauplii
  • Unopened, this product can last for years
  • Must be kept refrigerated and used within 6 weeks.

Feeding Instructions:

Give as much as the fish will eat in about 5 minutes time. Feed several times a day.

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