Peckish Everyday Bird Feeders


Peckish Everyday Bird Feeders

Peckish Everyday Feeders offer a sturdy, durable and easy to use feeder that is refillable for longevity. Featuring a screw top lid for easy filling and cleaning for your garden birds. The feeder also has a slanted bottom to promote a seamless food flow, while preventing any blockages for birds to enjoy a constant supply of food.

This feeder has been designed with a tray to reduce mess and retractable perches for a secure and comfortable place for birds to feast.

The Peckish Everyday Feeders come in a range of types to suit the birds in your garden, or offer one of each! Each measuring at 26cm tall, there is a Seed Feeder, suitable for any seed mix or suet pellets, as well as a Peanut Feeder and Energy Ball Feeder.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and durable for long term use
  • Refillable to be cost effective
  • Available in three feeding types
  • Screw top lid for easy access and cleaning

To use, simply unscrew and remove the lid and pour or scoop your choice of food into the top. Ensure lid is securely in place before hanging the feeder up. Hang the feeder from a tree, dining station or a universal feeder hook.

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  • Seed Feeder – 60051307
  • Peanut Feeder – 60051308
  • Energy Ball Feeder – 60051309

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