Peckish All Weather Seed Feeder


Peckish All Weather Seed Feeder

Peckish All Weather Seed Feeder is a heavy duty feeder designed to withstand all weather conditions. It is a perfect feeder suitable to use all year round, and comes with a two year guarantee.  Use this seed feeder with any Peckish seed mix.

Complete with large strong handle for easy hanging, this is made with a tough polycarbonate tube and hard-wearing stainless steel ensuring it is rust-resistant.

Available in two sizes, the large 4 port Seed Feeder measures at 23cm high and holds approximately 670g of seed. The giant 6 port Seed Feeder is 52cm high and holds almost double at approximately 1.2kg of seed.

Key Features:

  • Metal perches and ports
  • Angled base to move food towards feeding area
  • Quick release base for easy cleaning
  • 4 or 6 Perches to allow more birds to feed
  • 2 Year guarantee

To use, simply twist the lid from the top of the feeder and pour or scoop in a seed mix of your choice. Hang the feeder from a tree, dining station or a universal feeder hook.

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  • Large 4 Port Feeder – 60053028
  • Giant 6 Port Feeder – 60051339

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