Pedigree Puppy Pouch with Chicken & Rice 3 x 100g

Pedigree Puppy Pouch with Chicken & Rice 3 x 100g –

Complete pet food for puppies.

At PEDIGREE® we believe that every puppy deserves a loving home, and that every puppy deserves leading nutrition.

Our puppy nutrition contains:

  • Balanced levels of calcium & phosphorus to support healthy growth
  • Easily digestible rice, which helps to keep him healthy from his insides out
  • Zinc & sunflower oil containing omega 6, known to support healthy skin & a shiny coat
  • Vitamin E to help support his immune system, so he’s ready for anything

Contents/Weight: 3 x 100g

Perfect for a fresh meal providing healthy nutrition for all your dog’s needs.

Simply unzip the pouch and serve immediately.

Feeding Instructions: When reaching Adult age start gradually introducing Adult Food. You might need to adjust the amount of food according to the level of activity, breed and age of your dog.

Allow for a transition phase when switching diet.

For more information on feeding your puppy, please contact the pedigree Consumer Care line.

Fresh water should always be available.

For an optimal diet please feed a mix of PEDIGREE® pouch and PEDIGREE® Complete puppy dry food, just halve the recommended quantities of each of the products.

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