ProRep Bark Pieces 1.5kg

ProRep Bark Pieces 1.5kg –

You can use these for all species that require a humid environment. For instance, amphibians, woodland or jungle reptiles and invertebrates all thrive on this safe 100% natural product.

We harvest these from sustainable commercial forests in the UK and Europe. It is one of the most widely chosen substrates that people use and trust. It helps to provide a suitable environment for all species that require high humidity. The bark does this by absorbing water and releasing it slowly back into the atmosphere.

You can use these as a substrate for larger species of reptiles and amphibians. Because of it’s large size and attractive appearance it is also suitable for constructing hides or other structural parts of the environment for smaller species, or as décor.


As a substrate: Spread the Bark Pieces evenly over the bottom of the enclosure to a depth of at least 2” (5cm). You can moisten bark pieces to provide extra humidity, however, avoid making them too wet as this will cause them to rot and produce unpleasant smells. As they dry out, you can spray them to maintain the moisture level.

The enclosure should be spot clean daily by removing soiled areas of substrate and replacing with fresh Bark Pieces. You should replace them every two to three weeks or more frequently if they become heavily soiled. If you are using an under-tank heat mat as your heat source then you will not be able to use a 5cm depth of substrate as this may cause the mat to overheat. Please refer to the heat mat manufacturer’s instructions for more information on the correct use of heat mats as under tank heat sources.

In addition, As part of the environment: You can use bark pieces to add structure and variety to an environment. You can place them into loose piles, & arrange them to make small hide areas or spread over a finer grade bark to create a mix of textures.

Contains: 1.5kg


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ProRep Bark Pieces 1.5Kg – MPN : SMB615