ProRep Beetle Grub Larvae Food

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ProRep Beetle Grub Larvae Food

ProRep Beetle Grub Larvae Food –

Rear your very own Giant Beetles.

Beetle larvae need very specific food in order to survive.

Most important to them is the presence of “white fungus”. A special fungus that converts undigestible cellulose and lignin into fungus which the beetle larvae can then eat.

Specially prepared and are infected with the fungus.

Beetle Grub 2 mixed with Beetle Grub 1 to make the correct diet for different species.

Types available:

  • Type A (Beetle Grub 1) – Matured broadleaf bed litter essential for rearing wood feeding beetle larvae.
  • Type B (Beetle Grub 2) – Hardwood chips infected with a special fungus essential for rearing wood feeding beetle larvae.

Beetle Grub A made up of prepared, mature broad leaf tree leaf litter and Beetle Grub B consist of hardwood chips with the white fungus and allowed to mature.

The two types mixed together in different proportions depending on the species of beetle reared.

At ProRep we pride ourselves in our innovation, with our range of specialist products, many of which are available only from ProRep.

Using quality ingredients and components, ProRep provide ranges for generic use, as well as species specific products which we especially develop to enhance the well-being of your pets.

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PR Beetle Grub (Type A) – MPN : FPB005 ,
PR Beetle Grub (Type B) – MPN : FPB010

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