ProRep Livefood Care Kit



ProRep Livefood Care Kit

ProRep Livefood Care Kit –

Provides everything you need to keep your reptile’s livefood healthy.

If you buy your insects for your reptile in bulk for economy and convenience, then the insects need to be kept healthy so that when they are fed to the reptile they are in great condition and as nutritious as they can be.

The kit includes an insect tank (very similar to a Kricket Keeper) which is available in two different sizes.

You also get some of the best selling ProRep Bug Grub, Bug Gel with dish, Calci Dust and tongs.

The kit can also be used to keep crickets, locusts and mealworms.

Included in the kit:

  • Tank with Livefood Dispenser
  • ProRep Bug Grub
  • ProRep Bug Gel
  • Dish for Bug Gel
  • ProRep Calci Dust Calcium Supplement
  • Plastic Tongs
  • Full Instructions

Depending on the size of the insects, the small kit will hold around two tubs and the large will hold about six tubs worth.

Sizes available:

  • Small
  • Large

At ProRep we pride ourselves in our innovation, with our range of specialist products, many of which are available only from ProRep.

Using quality ingredients and components, ProRep provide ranges for generic use, as well as species specific products especially developed to enhance the well-being of your pets.

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PR Livefood Care Kit Small – MPN : KPL010 ,
PR Livefood Care Kit Large – MPN : KPL005

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