Superfish Air-Box Pump Set


Superfish Air-Box Pump Set

Superfish Air-Box Pump Set –

Pond aeration kit supplied in a handy box for protection against rain as well as splashed water.

Provides fresh oxygen in the water, also keeping the pond healthy in summer and ice-free in winter.

Supplied complete with air stones, air tube and spare membrane.

Key Features:

  • Provides Fresh Oxygen In The Water.
  • Also keeps Ponds Healthy In The Summer as well as Ice-free In The Winter.
  • Specifically supplied Complete With Air Hose And 1, 2 Or 4 Air Stones.
  • Also includes a Spare Diaphragm.

Types Available: Air Box 1, 2, 4

Air-Box 1

Pump [1 Outlet]
1 X 7.5m Airline + 1 Air stones
Pressure: 0.015 MPA
Output: 1.6 L/Min
Power: 2w

Air-Box 2

Pump [2 Outlets]
2 X 7.5 M Airline + 2 Air stones
Pressure: 0.020 MPA
Output: 4 L/Min
Power: 4w

Air-Box 4

Pump [4 Outlets]
4 X 7.5m Airline + 4 Air stones
Pressure: 0.012 MPA
Output: 10 L/Min
Power: 10w

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1 MPN: E7010325

2 MPN: E7010330

4 MPN: E7010335

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Air Box 1, Air Box 2, Air Box 4