SuperFish DriftWood



SuperFish DriftWood

SuperFish DriftWood –

This natural wood has a distinctive orange colour. It’s versatile to use as an architectural structure for aquascaping or to provide shelter and cover for aquarium inhabitants.

Can also attach moss to give an even more natural look.

Provides a perfect hiding spot for you’re fish to chill out.

Sizes Available:

  • SS ( 12-18 cm)approx.
  • S (18-28 cm)approx.
  • M (30-36 cm)approx.
  • L (38-46 cm)approx.
  • XL (48-60 cm)approx.
  • XXL
  • Super Large

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this is a natural product and therefore sizing can differ from the approximates.

Please note: Natural driftwood will leach tannins into your water. To avoid this we would suggest soaking the wood for a few hours before implementation.

Each piece is very individual and can greatly vary from the pictures as it is a natural product.

SuperFish surely makes your aquarium hobby successful, complete with aquariums, filters and filter media, heating, lighting, ventilation and useful accessories. It is our goal to make your aquarium hobby successful and also affordable.

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SS – MPN : A4080005 ,
L – MPN : A4080020 ,
M – MPN : A4080015 ,
S – MPN : A4080010 ,
SUPER LARGE – MPN : A4080035 ,
XL – MPN : A4080025 ,
XXL – MPN : A4080030

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