SuperFish Pond Skim


SuperFish Pond Skim

SuperFish Pond Skim –

Keeps your pond surface clean and free from dirt and floating debris.

Pond Skimmer floats in the pond and sucks in floating debris such as leaves, dust and algae from the water surface for a clear and healthy pond.

The filter basket will collect coarse debris whilst also collecting fine dirt and particles in the foam sponge. You can remove both the filter basket and foam sponge quickly and easily for cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Easy to clean through an easily removable waste basket
  • Low power consumption
  • 2 year warranty

To use, simply place in the pond, where it will float on the surface of the water, and then plug the power cable into a socket outlet.

They will move around, over the surface of the pond, vacuuming up water.

Models available:

  • Pond Skim 2000 – has a pump capacity of 2,000 litre per hour and is suitable for ponds up to 25 m2
  • Pond Skim 3000 – has a pump capacity 3,000 of litre per hour and is suitable for ponds up to 40 m2

With SuperFish, pond keeping is simple and affordable. We provide complete pond filters, energy efficient pumps, UV algae control, pond aeration, fish foods and also convenient pond and Koi accessories!

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Pond Skim 2000, Pond Skim 3000