Trixie Catch the Light Laser Cat Toy

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Trixie Catch the Light Laser Cat Toy

Trixie Catch the Light Laser Cat Toy –

Laser pointer Catch the Light for cats.

The laser pointer is a class 2 laser that you must not aim at the eyes of the cat. Cats kept in the house should also get regular activity with suitable cat toys, strategy toys, agility or cat training.

Key Features:

  • Plastic
  • Laser class 2
  • Various colours

Measurements: 7 cm      Colours: Various (1 colour will be sent out at random)

Please follow the guidelines given below:

  • Do not point the laser beam into the eyes of persons or animals.
  • Do not look into the direct or indirect (reflected)laser beam.
  • If the laser beam should fall into a person’s eyes, close the eyes immediately and then remove the head out of reach of the laser beam.
  • Manipulations or changes to the product are not permitted!
  • Caution – When you use other methods or other focussing devices than those given here, this may lead to dangerous radiation exposure.
  • Please keep these instructions! You must then pass on to subsequent users of the laser pointer.
  • The laser pointer is not a toy for children. Please keep it in a safe place and also out of reach of children!

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Catch the Light, 7 cm – MPN : 4128