Trixie Sniffing Carpet Strategy Game

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Trixie Sniffing Carpet Strategy Game

Trixie Sniffing Carpet Strategy Game –

Sniffing Carpet is suitable for both Dogs and Cats.

As the first step, your pet has to understand that the Sniffing Carpet is a guarantee for a tasty surprise.

Therefore first distribute a few treats on the carpet and also let your pet eat them (repeat a few times).

Once your dog or cat watches full of expectation and anticipation while you prepare the Sniffing Carpet, you can start to place treats between the layers of the material so that they are still visible.

Your pet should find these unerringly and eat them with delight.

After that you can distribute the treats in the whole carpet. Your pet can smell the food through the material.

If your pet is not successful in finding the treats after a few tries, help and maybe find easier hiding places in the carpet.

  • Sniffing fun for dogs and cats
  • The animal gets the reward by using snout or paws
  • With 2 different tassel lengths
  • Can also be used for daily feeding
  • Prevents gulping down food
  • Removable plastic tray prevents crumpling and also allows easy cleaning/machine wash
  • Polyester
  • Incl. booklet with tips and tricks for optimal training

Measurements: 50 × 34 cm

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Activity Sniffing Carpet Strategy Game, 50 × 34 cm – MPN : 32037