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Toys and Exercise – HugglePets Recommended!

reading time: 4 minutes

Keeping your small animal entertained is important. Syrian hamsters are fine with being on their own and can deal with their own company. However, Robrovski Hamsters and Gerbils are known to be sociable animals and benefit from interaction with another of their kind. Alongside this, plenty of toys and opportunities to explore are key when looking after the little furries.

Toys and Exercise for Hamsters:

As much as your hamster should have enough space to run around in their cage, giving them the option to go running outside can help burn some energy whilst giving you time to clean out their home. We often give our hamsters and other small rodents the opportunity to roll around in an exercise ball whilst we clean their homes out in store. They love it!

There are a few options that you can look at for the Exercise Balls and similar, find them here.

Running wheels should be in your small animal’s home to encourage your small pets to exercise. They are a great feature that should be included in all small animals cages. They ensure safety and enjoyment for all small animals.

We have a few options available, prices starting at just £5.00!

  • Climbing Frames

The Rosewood Cargo Net is a great piece of mental stimulation technology. It allows the small animal to climb and adventure around their cage. With clips that make it easy for you to attach to any cage design, it allows the small animal to use their brain to climb and swing along the rope.

The Cargo Net is currently on sale on our website, and can be purchased through this link here.

Toys and Exercise for Rabbits:

  • Treat Balls

Treat balls are a great way to reward your rabbits but also keeping them entertained and exercised. The ball has a slight opening that allows the rabbit to use their brains to figure out the way to get the treats out of the ball. The balance of treats and exercise is equal with the Lazy Bones Small Animal Treat Ball.

The price starts at £3.25.

  • Natures Paw Range

Ancol has recently launched a strong range of small animal treats. There are some good combinations of dried fruits and vegetables. Making search games with these toys can help with keeping your small animal entertained. For example, when using the Ancol NaturesPaws Veggie Hide, you can put fresh fruits and vegetables inside the hide and allow time for your rabbit to search it out. These are the kind of games that we do with our rabbits to allow them to involve their instincts.

  • Bunny Tree

A customer favourite for a while now has been the Rosewood Bunny Tree. The bordem breaker tree that allows your rabbit to chew and chase the floating vegetables. The tree has been a fan favourite for a while as it proves to keep their rabbit entertained for hours at a time.

The tree is currently on sale on our website and can be purchased through our website here –


Please refer back to the main Small Animal blog post to find out more information. If you have any questions please ask our team via our Facebook page.