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Winter is here

Winter Is Here

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Winter Is Here

Winter is Here –

The season is changing again, but this time it’s getting even darker and colder even quicker, but we know you know this so whats the point of this blog? The point is we want to make sure that all 0f you are prepared and equipped with the right information and resources.

Dogs –

When you think of dogs you think of fur and they do have a lot fur to keep them warm but during winter it’s just not enough to protect them from what winter offers, such as; dehydration, exposure, and frostbite so we recommend getting Fido a jacket or a jumper for when you take them out. Even if you’re only taking your dog down to the shop, the bitter weather will soon catch up. We offer a large variety of dog coats from waterproof to fashionable coats, so not only will your dog look the part but they will stay protected from what winter throws at them. In addition to our coats, we also offer stylish jumpers for dogs to keep them protected from the harsh wind.

What else do we offer you ask? Don’t worry we don’t just offer stylish clothing but we also offer beautiful dog beds for your best friends to sleep in. Our Ancol Luxurious Soft Plush Pet Beds will give your best friends the night sleep they deserve as well as keeping them warm, these beds contain a Faux Fur Fleece inside giving pups the best comfortable feeling, but sometimes that may not be enough so we offer an Ancol Sleepy Paws Pet Comfort Blanket to give your dog that extra bit of warmth.

Now let’s talk about your dog’s health during winter, your dog is going to burn a lot more calories during winter to try and stay warm so we recommend slightly changing your dog’s diet by increasing their daily food intake so that the calories they burn trying to keep warm and exercising are replenished. If you tend to let your dog to “roam” from time to time make sure you are keeping track of how long they’ve been, where they are and what they’re doing, and once they come back make sure you clear their legs and body of any ice, water or residue because your dog could become sick if they lick any salt or chemicals off their bodies.

Cats –

Don’t worry all of our cat owners, we haven’t forgotten about you we have just implemented the same health information and advice for cats in the dog section. We can offer unique cat products though and we may not offer stylish and warm clothing for cats but we do offer equally as luxurious Cat Caves with over-stuffed sides in a soft-touch material to cushion your cat while they sleep. We all know that cats tend to wander off and could be living a separate life but who knows, we recommend watching your feline a little more like where they’re going and how long they’re gone for. We recommend this because your cat will wander for hours upon end and the harsh weather is slowly affecting them and potentially allowing them to catch illnesses and exposure.

If you have a cat that is very defiant or likes to stay outdoors even during the winter,  then they may be hiding underneath cars. Why would my cat hide underneath my car? well beneath every parked car is a warm engine which attracts many cats and other wildlife. To keep the potential animal safe, we suggest giving the hood of your car a good tap, loud enough to scare away any animals. Even if you don’t own a cat or small animal this doesn’t mean that you won’t find a furry friend beneath your car so to be on the safe side give that bonnet a good tap!.

Small pets & Birds –

When it comes to small pets and birds you may not need to take as much precaution because, most small pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, rats and the exception of ‘house rabbits’ all live indoors and will be as warm as the household is. Sometimes it will be good to add a bit of extra bedding and a bit more food because households can still get cold, especially larger homes and homes with poor heating.

If you keep any animals outside make sure that you bring them into the house and let them stay in the house during the cold weather. If for whatever reason you want to keep them outside, at least make sure that the animals have plenty of warm bedding, clothing, heat and plenty of food to keep their energy levels up during the winter because they will lose a lot of energy trying to keep warm.


We hope that all the information in this blog has equipped you with all the knowledge you will need to look after all of you wonderful pets if you need any products please just visit our website. If you are unsure of any of the information on this blog please feel free to come in store and ask one of our members of staff and they will provide you with everything you need to know or why not visit our social media pages where you can ask for more information and keep up to date with updates. Facebook, Twitter, or why not come in store and have a look for yourself;

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