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Acorus Gramineus Variegatus – 1 Litre


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Acorus Gramineus Variegatus – 1 Litre

Acorus Gramineus Variegatus – 1 Litre –

(Variegated slender sweet flag)

This is as Acorus gramineus Ogon but the leaves are green and white variegated.

Size: 1 Litre

These plants can be placed in the shallow areas of a pond. Those with a minimum depth of 0cm, can also be planted out of the water in damp ground so are ideal for a bog garden too.

Marginal plants give the pond both height and colour and grow around the edges. They remove nitrates which help reduce algae and keep the water clear and are beneficial to wildlife.

They look most attractive when planted in groups of 3 or 5 and can be secured using gravel.

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