Arcadia EarthPro-A Dietary Supplement



Arcadia EarthPro-A Dietary Supplement

Arcadia EarthPro-A Dietary Supplement is a blend of full-spectrum minerals, with vitamins and also bee pollen powder. It is specifically designed to be used on almost every feed and is suitable for all species.

EarthPro-A is an ‘everyday use’ mineral and vitamin supplement powder, undeniably utilising the very best in scientific thought and ingredient sourcing. Rather than using a lab based approximation of the minerals that are found in the earth we use a naturally mined, ‘full-spectrum’ mineral clay.

It contains a potent natural full spectrum carotenoid, helping to cater for the natural Vitamin A cycle and to increase natural coloration. This provides at least 100 IU/kg of pro-vitamin A, a water-soluble natural source of vitamin A for animals that cannot be overdosed.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 100% natural vitamin supplement
  • Natural mineral clay = full spectrum
  • Non-toic and Zero D3
  • Suitable for all species
  • Available in 2 pack sizes, 100g and 350g
  • Made in Britain

Usage Guide:

You can use EarthPro-A at every feed, by dusting feeder insects or sprinkling onto greens. It can also be used within the EarthPro Feeding Programme.


Calcium Carbonate, Mineral Clay, Protein Powder (Vegetable), Carrot Powder, Algal Carotenoid, Vitamin B Premix, Bee Pollen.


B vitamin complex; Vitamin B1 8mg/kg, Vitamin B2 12.8mg/kg, Vitamin B6 16mg/kg, Vitamin B12 40mcg/kg, Vitamin K 4.8mg/kg, Nicotinic 64mg/kg, Pantothenic 32mg/kg, Folic Acid 4mg/kg. Biotin 800mcg/kg. Mineral Clay; SiO2 57.74%, Al2O3 18.23%, Fe2O3 3.09%, CaO 1.93%, MgO 4.19%, K2O 3.03%,Na2O 1.72%, P2O3 0.13%, TiO2 0.39%, Mn3O4 0.08%, V2O5 <0.05%, Cr2O3 <0.05%. Amino Acid complex (vegetable base) g/kg finished product; Lysine 6.36, Methionine 1.99, Cysteine 1.27, Threonine 4.93, Trytophan 1.19, Valine 5.57, Leucine 8.59, Isoleucine 4.69, Phenylalanine 5.25, Tryosine 4.77, Histidine 1.75, Arginine 4.37, Glycine 4.05, Alanine 4.05, Aspartic Acid 10.26, Glutamic Acid 9.06, Proline 4.05, Serine 4.37


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100g – RAREP100

350g – RAREP350

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