Arcadia EarthPro RevitaliseD3 100g


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Arcadia EarthPro RevitaliseD3 100g

A natural full spectrum mineral powder that specifically provides essential minerals and vitamins.

This is significantly rich in naturally sourced Earth Minerals, Bee Pollen, Full-spectrum Carotenoids, Amino acids and Magnesium, and has been developed to be safe and easy to use, decreasing the risks of over supplying vitamins A and D3 reported with some super potent historic powders.

It is perfect for use with T5 lighting systems, such as the ProT5 lighting units.

RevitaliseD3 has been formulated to mimic the levels of preformed A, D3 and E that are found within a small mammal, and can be used with all species of Reptile and Amphibians.

EarthPro RevitaliseD3 has all of the benefits of EarthPro-A but also with added Magnesium and low levels of preformed A, D3 and E. It is best used alongside EarthPro-A and EarthPro CalciumProMg to provide nutritional excellence.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra fine powder
  • Perfect for use with T5 lighting systems
  • Full-Spectrum Natural Minerals
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Made in Britain

Usage Guide:

It is best to use RevitaliseD3 within the EarthPro Feeding Programme at either feed 8 or 16. EarthPro RevitaliseD3 can also be used safely at every 2nd or 3rd feed for those that choose to use no or low UV systems.

Store in a cool dry place with the pot securely sealed.


Calcium Carbonate, Mineral Clay, Amino acid complex (Vegetable), Magnesium Carbonate. Multi Vitamin Premix, Carrot Powder, Algal Carotenoid (full-spectrum), Vitamin B Premix, Bee Pollen.


B vitamin complex; Vitamin B1 8mg/kg, Vitamin B2 12.8mg/kg, Vitamin B6 16mg/kg, Vitamin B12 40mcg/kg, Vitamin K 4.8mg/kg, Nicotinic 64mg/kg, Pantothenic 32mg/kg, Folic Acid 4mg/kg. Biotin 800mcg/kg. Mineral Clay; SiO2 57.74%, Al2O3 18.23%, Fe2O3 3.09%, CaO 1.93%, MgO 4.19%, K2O 3.03%,Na2O 1.72%, P2O3 0.13%, TiO2 0.39%, Mn3O4 0.08%, V2O5 <0.05%, Cr2O3 <0.05%. Amino Acid complex (vegetable base) g/kg finished product; Lysine 6.36, Methionine 1.99, Cysteine 1.27, Threonine 4.93, Trytophan 1.19, Valine 5.57, Leucine 8.59, Isoleucine 4.69, Phenylalanine 5.25, Tryosine 4.77, Histidine 1.75, Arginine 4.37, Glycine 4.05, Alanine 4.05, Aspartic Acid 10.26, Glutamic Acid 9.06, Proline 4.05, Serine 4.37.

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