Beaphar Tick Removal Kit

Beaphar Tick Removal Kit –

The complete kit for easy tick removal.

Combining an insecticide-free spray that freezes ticks with the Beaphar TickBoy®, which exerts no pressure on the body of the tick reducing the risk of regurgitation during removal.

The Beaphar Tick Removal Kit contains one Beaphar Tick Away and one Beaphar TickBoy®.

Beaphar Tick Away is a non-toxic, insecticide-free spray that freezes ticks for easy removal.

The Beaphar TickBoy® features a V-shaped hook which exerts no pressure on the body of the tick, helping to prevent it regurgitating into the affected animal during removal, thus reducing the risk of bacterial and infection transmission.

Suitable for for ticks of all size, and will also allow you to remove them quickly and efficiently.

The longer a tick is left on a host the more likely it is to then pass on disease.

Small and compact, Beaphar Tick Away Spray and Beaphar TickBoy® are perfect for to take with you on dog walks in the country.

Suitable for use on cats, dogs and people.

Only use Beaphar Tick Away in a well-ventilated area.

To safely remove a tick:

  1. Part the fur to expose the attached tick. From approximately 5cm away spray Beaphar Tick Away directly onto the tick for approximately 3 seconds. In some cases, the tick will fall off automatically. If it doesn’t proceed to step 2.
  2. Put the V-shaped hook against the skin and then slide the groove between the skin and tick.
  3. Carefully pull the tick up to remove. Ensure you have remove all parts of the tick.

The wound made by the tick bite must be thoroughly disinfected.

If there are any concerns over infection, it is important to contact your vet or doctor as soon as possible.

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