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Carex Pseudocyperus – 1L


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Carex Pseudocyperus – 1L

Carex Pseudocyperus – 1L –

Native British sedge with bright green leaves and drooping flower spikelets. Provides excellent habitat for pondlife and grows in deeper water than other natives sedges.

Growth rate: Medium



Place 1 litre plants in pond no deeper than 1/2 maximum recommended planting depth to allow the plants to establish. Remove flower heads soon after flowering to encourage new flowers and prevent self seeding. Trim old foliage after dying back in Autumn.


Notes: Please don’t dispose of plants in the wild! Even native plants placed in the wrong location can cause environmental damage!


Anglo Aquatic Plant has been raising premium quality, RHS award winning water plants just north of London since 1965. The crocodile in the lol is to commemorate George, a Cayman given to the company by a customer in 1968.