Hozelock Ecopower+ Pond Filter



Hozelock Ecopower+ Pond Filter

Hozelock Ecopower+ Pond Filter –

A high performance above ground filter system that combines mechanical and biological filtration and an integrated UVC.

Suited for use above ground, in-ground or also concealed at the top of a waterfall.

Used with the appropriate pond pump and also backed by the Hozelock Cyprio Clearwater Guarantee, Ecopower+ will improve water clarity, remove unwanted solid matter from the pond and convert dissolved organic and chemical fish waste into harmless compounds.

How does Ecopower+ work?:

  • You can partially bury the filter in the ground, water then enters the filter through a stepped hosetail (20/25/32/40 mm).
  • From here it passes into the UV chamber. The UV chamber features a “turbulator” to also ensure that the water exposes correctly to the UV light produced by the 8w UV bulb. This clumps the algae that causes greenwater together.
  • The water then passes through a venturi to aerate it.
  • The water passes into the bottom of the filter, passes through the biological media, and then rises up through the foam filters. Waste in the bottom chamber can be de-sludged.

The biological media preserves beneficial bacteria, enabling them to purify the water and remove fish waste. The foam filters also remove debris and solid waste.

Important: This product is NOT SUBMERSIBLE and must only be installed in an upright vertical position. Locate the Ecopower+ on firm, level ground where you can then access it conveniently.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 4000 (8w) UVC for pond up to 8000 ltrs (without fish)
  • 6000 (12w) UVC for pond up to 12000 ltrs (without fish)
  • 10000 (16w) UVC for pond up to 20000 ltrs (without fish)

Type: Filter and UVC      Filter Location: Above ground     Maximum Pond Size: 8,000 ltrs, 12,000 ltrs, 20,000 ltrs      UVC: Included

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Ecopower 4000 (8w) – MPN : 18620000,
Ecopower 6000 (12w) – MPN : 18640000,
Ecopower 10000 (16w) – MPN : 18660000

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Ecopower+ 4000, Ecopower+ 6000, Ecopower+ 10000