Intersand Odourlock Clumping Litter

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Intersand Odourlock Clumping Litter

Intersand Odourlock Clumping Litter –

Thanks to its patented technology, our OdourLock litter neutralises ammonia formation for unparalleled control of urine and faeces odours.

Cat urine does not contain ammonia per se; rather, it is formed in the litter box when the urine comes into contact with oxygen and develops bacteria.

Ammonia is responsible for the unpleasant smell that comes from the litter box. Our technology is activated when it comes into contact with urine to neutralize odours for more than 40 days.

OdourLock is perfect for a multi-cat environment: Just scoop once a day for optimal cleanliness that will delight you and your cats!

Key Features:

  • Optimal odour control for more than 40 days
  • Safe for the respiratory tracts of humans and cats
  • Quick and easy cleaning for a multi-cat environment
  • Moisture-activated scent
  • Tested by veterinarians
  • Made in Canada

Our OdourLock litter is made of a 100% pure natural clay, sodium bentonite. This mineral essential to our exclusive formula comes directly from Wyoming mines. We pay close attention to its extraction and processing to ensure a clay of very high quality while respecting the environment.

The high capacity and rapid absorption of our litter allows the formation of smaller and stronger clumps, which greatly facilitates cleaning and daily maintenance.

OdourLock can absorb up to 6 times its weight in liquid! As it generates less waste, it lasts longer than a competing litter and therefore costs you less. The amount of litter used each year can be reduced by up to 45%!

Products Available:

  • Unscented 6kg
  • Unscented 12kg
  • Baby Powder 6kg
  • Baby Powder 12kg
  • Lavender 6kg
  • Lavender 12kg
  • Calming Breeze 6kg
  • Calming Breeze 12kg

Thanks to our state-of-the-art production processes, we offer you a dust-free litter, which is preferable for cats in general and, more specifically, for cats or cat owners who are asthmatic or allergic to dust. Its clay-based formula is almost as soft as sand, to the delight of kitties who love the gentle feeling under their paws!

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Unscented 6kg, Unscented 12kg, Baby Powder 6kg, Baby Powder 12kg, Lavender 6kg, Lavender 12kg, Calming Breeze 6kg, Calming Breeze 12kg