Johnson’s Parrot Bumper Bar 175g


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Johnson’s Parrot Bumper Bar 175g

Johnson’s Parrot Bumper Bar 175g –

Extra large sized treats containing seeds, nus etc. with honey.

A complementary pet food for parrots to be given only as a supplement to the normal diet. Suspend or place in cage or aviary.

Suitable for: African Grey, Amazon, Caique, Cockatiel, Cockatoo, Conure – Large, Eclectus, Macaw – Large, Macaw – Small, Meyers and Senegals and Quakers.

Please note – you should use the above information for guidance only – you know your bird best!

It also comes with a convenient hanger – just hang in the cage, aviary or stand and watch your bird enjoy! Filled with many bird’s favourites!

Weight: 175 g

Over the last 30 years, Johnson’s expanded its product range to cater for both the popular cage bird and fledgling pet care market for dogs and cats.

In the late 50’s Johnson’s moved to a purpose built manufacturing and distribution centre in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, still its present home. Here it produced the first of many insecticidal products designed to cope with the increasing demand for over-the-counter pet care products.

The range has also now expanded to around 220 products ranging from Pigeon Tonic (where it all started) to the very latest in flea control – 4fleas tablets, the mainstay of the exclusive 4fleas range.

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