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King British Daphnia Treats 18g


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King British Daphnia Treats 18g

King British Daphnia Treats 18g –

Suitable for all coldwater, tropical & marine fish.

Natural crustacea, freeze dried immediately after harvest to retain flavour & nutritional value.

The type of food that fish choose to eat in the wild, making them readily consumed by aquarium fish.

Daphnia will also provide welcome variety to your fish’s diet and are nutritionally beneficial, being full of natural protein.

Key Features:

  • Helps complete a balanced diet
  • Natural freeze dried fish food
  • Also aids in the digestion process
  • Rich in protein
  • Nutritionally beneficial
  • Suitable for all coldwater, tropical & marine fish

How to use: Feed as much as will be eaten within 2 minutes as a complementary treat to other King British complete fish foods.

Do not overfeed and also remove any uneaten food.

Contents/Weight: 18 g

We believe that even fish deserve a tasty treat.

That’s why King British has created an exciting range of fish treats to complement our range of fish foods, keeping fish healthy and happy.

You can stick Tableted Treats and Tubifex Treats on to the inside of the aquarium glass to then allow fish keepers to see their fish feeding up close.

It also provides the perfect opportunity to check fish health without causing unnecessary stress!

Storage: Do not store above 25 degrees centigrade.

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