Komodo Leopard Gecko Advanced Starter Kit


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Komodo Leopard Gecko Advanced Starter Kit

Komodo Leopard Gecko Advanced Starter Kit –

This is a great kit for anybody looking to keep Leopard Gecko’s for the first time, providing the perfect environment for one to several juvenile leopard or also fat-tail geckos.

As a terrestrial lizard, leopard geckos love a heated floor and also places to hide. Leopard Gecko’s are a favourable choice for anyone looking to develop their knowledge in lizard keeping.

Leopard Gecko’s are nocturnal, ground dwelling animals with placid temperaments. With minimal maintenance, they are also ideal for a novice keeper and with regular, gentle handling can become a wonderfully rewarding pet for any home.


  • 60 x 30 x 45cm Terrarium
  • Thermostat 100w
  • Advanced Heat Mat 15w
  • Daylight Spot Bulb ES 75w
  • Dome Clamp Lamp Fixture
  • Kidney Bowl
  • Analogue Thermometer x 2
  • Nutri-Cal 75g
  • Livefood Booster 75g
  • Coconut terrain 6L


Please note: Any additional decor observed in the picture above is not available in this kit. However, it can be purchased separately.

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Advanced Kit Leopard Gecko – MPN : U45160