PR Live Plant Nolina recurvata (5.5cm pot) – (Nolina recurvata) – PPL239

PR Live Plant Nolina recurvata-

Pony Tail Palm – Nolina recurvata

Pony Tail Palms can potentially grow into full grown trees but thier slow growth and tolerance of low light and drought makes them the ideal candidate for an arid terrarium.

The need a well drained soil and should be watered as the soil starts to dry out.

They store water in their swollen stems and so can tolerate drying out.

High quality living plants for your terrarium or vivarium.

Great for creating natural or bioactive habitats.

Phrases like ‘Terrascaping’, ‘Bio-Active’ and ‘Living Terrariums’ are becoming more and more common in the world of reptile and amphibian care, as keepers become more aware of the benefits of creating a living ecosystem for their pets.

Apart from the aesthetic appeal of a planted terrarium there are some very real, tangible benefits for the animals. Living plants provide natural cover and climbing perches, shade, basking sites and maintain natural humidity.

Just as live plants in an office can improve workers well-being, live plants in a terrarium will have the same effect for animals.

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PPL239 – MPN : PR Live Plant. Nolina recurvata