Superfish Pond Clear Kit 6000

Superfish Pond Clear Kit 6000 –

A complete biological pond filter with built-in UVC & a powerful electric pond pump. It comes complete with filter foam and Bio Balls for biological filtration.

Key Features:

  • UVC-unit is built into the lid, which ensures a clear pond and easy maintenance.
  • Kit comes with a Pond-Flow ECO 1000 filter pump with a pump capacity of 1,000 L/h.
  • The larger Pond Clear kits also come as a complete biological pond filter kit with built-in UVC and a powerful electric pond pump with very low energy consumption.
  • Contains 2 filter chambers to ensure a good biological filtration.
  • Easy access.

Size: 37 x 27 x 40cm

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Max Pond Volume: 6000L

Max Pump Capacity: 3500L/Hr

Pump: 14w

UVC: 7w

Inlet: 25/32/40mm

Outlet: 50mm

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MPN: E6020235